An innovative Swedish biotechnology company

Kromnigon AB is a Swedish biotechnology company based in Gothenburg with key researchers from University of Gothenburg and the Sahlgrenska Academy. The team consists of Per Fogelstrand, Assistant Professor at the Wallenberg Laboratory, Associate Professor Ulf Yrlid at the Department of Microbiology & Immunology and IP Strategists & Business Developers Dr. Lorna Fletcher (GU Ventures) and Alexander Lagerman (Lagerman Subsidium).

The company was formally established in 2015, but the development include several years of research as well as two patent families protecting the innovations.

The Kromnigon team
         Fig. The Kromnigon team in order from left: Per Fogelstrand,
Alexander Lagerman, Lorna Fletcher and Ulf Yrlid.

Alexander Lagerman
Operations Manager at Kromnigon
M.Sc. Bioscience Business

Lorna Fletcher
Chair of the Board at Kromnigon
IP Strategist & Business Developer at GU Ventures

Per Fogelstrand
Co-founder & CSO at Kromnigon
Assistant Professor at the Wallenberg Laboratory, University of Gothenburg

Ulf Yrlid
Co-founder & Technical Adviser at Kromnigon
Associate Professor at the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Gothenburg