A multi-staining toolbox for fluorescence microscopy

FlexiStain enables fast and and flexible multi-staining with antibodies but without cross-binding. The FlexiStain enhancers are provided labeled with different fluorochromes. Each antibody (of your choice) is premixed with a FlexiStain enhancer before they are added to the tissue sample. The FlexiStained antibodies generate bright fluorescence signals and are easily combined with current immunolabeling methods.

Flexible - choose which fluorochrome you want to attach to each antibody

Fast -  does not require multiple rounds of stainings 

Strong signaling - amplification through multiple enhancers per antibody

First generation products will be released in 2016. Proof of principle studies have been positive and VINNOVA as well as GU Ventures continues to finance the commercial development.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to try out the product during our Beta-launch.